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                  发表时间:2018-09-24 06:36 来源:辽宁石油化工大学学生资助管理中心

                  Uganda Pushes Oil-Refinery Start to 2022 as Project Plan Delayed

                  “FEED is just beginning and it will impact on the completion of the refinery,” Muloni said in an interview in the capital, Kampala. “For the refinery there is definitely a slippage.”

                  在通用电气(GE)牵头的集团中,其他合作伙伴包括Yaatra Ventures LLC、意大利Saipem SpA和肯尼亚私募股权FireWorks 资本,将持有炼油厂60%的股权。乌干达表示,Total将投资,坦桑尼亚和肯尼亚政府也有投资意向。



                  A group led by General Electric Co. is contracted to build the 60,000 barrel-a-day plant in the Hoima district of western Uganda. It will take oil from fields being developed by Total SA, Cnooc Ltd. and Tullow Oil Plc -- due to start flowing in 2020. Plans have also been submitted for a 900-mile crude-export pipeline via Tanzania, which will be completed before the refinery, Muloni said.



                  Other partners in the GE-led group -- which will own a 60 percent stake in the refinery -- are Yaatra Ventures LLC, Italy’s Saipem SpA and Kenya-based private-equity firm FireWorks Capital. Uganda has said Total will also invest, as will the Tanzanian and Kenyan governments.


                  (Bloomberg) -- Uganda’s planned oil refinery, due to process the country’s first crude output, may start two years behind schedule after project studies were delayed.

                  The front-end engineering design, or FEED, initially due for completion last year, has only just begun, Energy Minister Irene Muloni said Wednesday. The delay to startup -- now seen in 2022 -- will set back Uganda’s plans to reduce fuel imports and start exporting to neighbors.

                  由通用电气公司牵头的一个集团签订项目合同,在乌干达西部的霍伊马地区建造6万桶/天炼油厂。原油来自Total SA、中海油有限公司和TuloCo石油公司所有的油田,这些油田将在2020提供原油。Muloni说,该项目还包括经由坦桑尼亚的900英里原油出口管道,该管道将在炼油厂完工之前完成。

                  Muloni insisted Uganda is still targeting the start of oil production in 2020, even though Cnooc has suggested output may begin a year later because of delays to final investment decisions.